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Ways to Green your Cleaning Routine at Home

 Keep your house clean without the toxic side-effects. Here are some methods to take note of!

 Switch to Green Cleaning Products

Now that more and more people understand the importance of keeping the environment safe, a lot of green brands have been making their way to market. Many of these products are biodegradable or non-toxic, while others help by saving up on energy consumption.

If you’re not into labels, common household ingredients like vinegar, salt, lemon juice, and baking soda can do the trick too! Mix in a little warm water with either of these to make your household tasks less complicated without damaging the environment.

 Use Microfiber Cleaning Products

Microfiber mops, towels or dusters are green cleaning tools because of their durability and ability to clean effectively without the use of expensive harsh chemicals. They loosen dirt and take debris off the surface without releasing toxic materials into the air.

Thanks to its ability to attach to even the smallest, most microscopic dirt particles in a lesser amount of time, these microfiber cloths make cleaning easier for you and the environment.

 Leave Your Shoes at the Door

When we walk through our homes with our shoes on, we rarely consider where we have been and what the soles of our shoes have touched. Now imagine all the dirt, waste, oil, toxic chemicals, bacteria, and who knows what else you bring home – a home where babies crawl and where you walk barefoot.

Taking off your shoes before entering your home may require a little investment of time, but the rewards are huge. Set up a comfortable place near your home’s entrance where you can exchange outdoor shoes with indoor shoes, vice-versa. Less dirt inside the house also means less sweeping, vacuuming and housework, which also means less energy and water consumption.