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Wednesday Quick Hits

Welcome everyone to another beautiful Wednesday.  It is a little gray outside this morning but I am sure some sun is right around the corner.  Today is our blog day, so let's see what other people are writing about.

Free Range Fitness: Julian Cummins wrote a wonderful article over at the greenliving blog about outdoor fitness.  The article gives a lot of green hints about getting in shape by doing some outdoor activity.  She also talks about a company called Green Gyms that manufactures and installs outdoor fitness equipment.  I would suggest checking out the company's website too.  Lots of cool things there for fitness buffs, like myself.

Styrofoam Packing Peanuts Power Biodiesel Engines:  Fun article from the Environmental Age about those packaging peanuts that come with so many shipped items.  Scientists have discovered that adding Styrofoam packaging peanuts to biodiesel they can increase the power output of the fuel while getting rid of unsightly Styrofoam bits from ebay shipments worldwide.  Finally, a good re-use for these items.

An Angry Anti-Treehugger Speaks OutThe Green Girls put up this piece concerning the predicted 'green' bubble in the market and its eventual popping.  It is a bit of an editorial post but gives some food for thought.

Green Alliance Green CardLiving the Local Life is showing a great new product for those in New Hampshire and something that can be replicated in communities all across the company to support local growers and producers.  The Green Alliance card is a membership card that gives you up to 35% off items at local shops and merchants that join the Green Alliance.  What a smart idea to get repeat customer and help grow local markets.

Getting started - The green & frugal kitchen: The Green Rainbow gives a great guide on how to green your kitchen.  I like the way this blogger writes, a loose style that is quite endearing.  Not an image heavy site, but some great pieces.