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Wednseday Quick Hits

Welcome again to another great day all keen for greeners.  Today let's take a look at the blog-o-sphere to find some of the most interesting posts.  Also, if you have time today please leave a comment.  Let me know if you like this format for Quick Hits (Mon. - News, Wed. - Blog, Fri.- Fun) and even if you like the site.  Your praise and criticism is much appreciated.  Have a fast hump day.

SolarEdge uses chip to boost solar panel output: Martin LaMonica of CNET is reporting that Israeli start-up SolarEdge has developed electronics to squeeze enough inefficiencies out of solar panels' wiring to make an array up to 25 percent more productive.  This really is the intersection of computing and clean technology.  Very cool.


Sharp Solar-Powered Phones Hit Japanese Market: From GoodCleanTech comes word of Sharp's first solar-powered phones in Japan. Numerous models exist under the line and one is already on sale.  These neat phones were developed under Sharp's "Green Road Project," which also includes waterproof phones.

Sotomayor: Obama’s Supreme Court Pick and the Cost of Environmental Protection: The Wall Street Journal just released on their blog a review of Hon. Sonia Sotomayer's envrironmental record.  The case reviewed is Riverkeeper v. EPA, a case concerning whether the EPA can’t weigh costs and benefits in deciding what the “best technology” is for protecting fish that get sucked into power plants.  A good read on Pres. Obama's newest pick.

The Economics of "Going Green": Arnold King, of the Library of Economics and Liberty, presents a theoretical anti-side for going green.  As he says, "It is all about economics."