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Wendseday Blog Hits

Hello everybody and welcome once again to Wednesday Quick Hits, where we travel the blog-o-sphere to get interesting items so you don't have to.  Today we have a great range of items, but because of the bankruptcy of General Motors I have focused a lot on the auto industry.  Tell me what you think of this or just general thoughts on GM's bankruptcy and its effect on the auto industry.

Companies Not Prepared For Looming Carbon RegulationKatie Fehrenbacher of Earth2Tech writes about the lack of preparedness of many large corporations and businesses for the expected carbon regulation coming out of Washington DC.  Ms. Gehrenbacher sees this as a two way street, what might be a bust for large corporations may be a boom for carbon and energy software companies. Will

Volvo's 2012 plug-in hybrid also be a diesel?:  Could the next versions of plug in electric hybrids be diesel.  If you are living in Europe the answer is very likely, according to Laine Yvokff of Green Tech.  These new cars will be produced by Volvo and Swedish energy company Vattenfall.

Chevy Volt Project to Live On Despite GM Bankruptcy: Jamie Lendino of Good Clean Tech is telling us not to worry about the future of the Chevy Volt.  GM is actually in pre-production phase of the vehicle outside Detroit and the Chapter 11 bankruptcy will have no effect on the future of the vehicle.

The Green Future of the 'New GM':  Joe Makower of ruminates over the green future of GM.  The opinion piece is simply exceptionally written and very knowledgable, Mr. Makower had previously written a book on the problems of GM.

GM to add another fuel-efficient, domestically produced car to the mix:  From the Cartalk blog at Cnet comes an interesting report that GM is looking to produce another sub-compact car.  This will boost the production of GM cars built domestically from 67% to 70 %.  The possible sub-compact is pictured below and titled the Spark.



It is going to be so

It is going to be so interesting to watch the green car market unfold - what technology sticks and what doesn't, and what consumers go for.

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