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What are Energy Efficiency Window Films?

Window FilmEnergy experts agree that roughly 30% of your cooling is lost due to heat entering through windows. That adds up to a lot of money! Energy efficiency window films are one way you can intercept that solar heat from getting into your house and zapping your cool air, especially if your home was built before 1980.

There are many types of window film available that serve a variety of purposes – to provide shade, UV protection, privacy, solar heat reduction, and heat retention. Heat rejection film, more commonly called energy efficiency window films, can reduce energy loss by 30-50% and is inexpensive compared to other energy saving home improvement projects. Window films are dyed, metalized, or ceramic in order to reject solar heat back from the window instead of letting it flow through into your house.

Most newer buildings have high-performance glaze on windows, so energy efficiency films will not have a dramatic effect on energy savings.  However, in homes 30 or more years old, such window films can have a dramatic effect. A study conducted by ConSol found that in sunny areas, older homes with single pane windows saw a financial return on investment (ROI) of 16-64% when energy efficiency films were installed. Homes with double pane windows saw an ROI of 20-46%.  

One of the great things about energy efficiency window films is that you can easily install them on your windows at home with high returns.  Simply clean your windows thoroughly with window cleaner and a squeegee (you may want to do this a few times to make sure it is completely clean). Apply a thin layer of soapy water on the inside of the window and press the film on evenly for bubble-free application.