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What can one person do? Take little steps!

I was browsing through my Facebook newsfeed yesterday, and's posted the pictures for a visual essay by Franke James.  The visual essay is called 'What Can One Person Do When 6.8 Billion People on the Planet are Frying' and the whole thing can be found here.  My personal favorite is the pondering the irony of being destroyed by fossil fuels part.  

While this is a kind of humorous look at what you can do, I think it makes some great points.  Whatever the solution to climate change is, the best plan is to be doing something. I have this discussion with my sister all the time -- she is convinced that the small things won't really make a difference in the long run.  Ok, fine, changing your lightbulbs isn't going to stop countries like Bangladesh or the Maldives from ending up underwater.  But at least it's something! And it's that first step to making your lifestyle a little bit greener.  

I firmly believe that encouraging little steps -- like a 5 cent plastic bag tax -- can make a difference in the way people think about reducing their impact.  I think that each little step is a way of taking ownership of the problem and taking the step to reduce the problem.  So I guess my answer to the question "what can one person do when 6.8 billion people are frying the planet?" is that one person can change one thing about their habits to an more environmentally friendly option every couple months -- in steps.  

That's what I've been trying to do.  I started with switching to all canvas bags.  Then I added buying locally.  Then I added walking to places more (I put an 45 min limit on this, though... anywhere that would take me longer than 45 min to walk I take public transportation.  Can't spend the whole day walking from place to place!!).  My last addition is attempting to make more of my own food -- like making granola bars instead of buying from the store which then come in plastic wrappers and a cardboard box that generally just end up wasted.  None of these are big things -- but they've made my life more sustainable and have less impact on the environment.  I'm all about making adjustments in lifestyle while making adjustments in attitude.  The best part? My boyfriend's started doing it too.