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What the Ford Mustang Eco Boost Means for the Environment

Eco Boost Engine

Eco enthusiasts rejoice! With awareness about global warming issues and the necessity of protecting our planet being higher than ever, big car manufacturers are starting to take notice. For no company is this truer, in fact, than one of the biggest names in the American automotive world: Ford.

We Can’t Wait for Laws to Pass

If we want to make a difference and slow down our negative impact on the environment, we need to wake up. We can’t wait any longer for laws forcing us to be kind to the world we live in. If we do, the reality is that it will be far too little, far too late.

Ford Motor Company is one of the few big auto companies that seems to understand that now is the time to take action in order to protect the environment instead of later when the law finally catches up to reality and mandates it. Ideally, car companies will make the move to accomplishing more while using up less nonrenewable resources.

The Eco Boost engine follows this philosophy. Reportedly, Ford has found a way to squeeze 20% greater fuel efficiency out of a motor that releases fewer greenhouse gases than before. While this probably won’t mean you’ll be hitting 50 MPG just yet, it’s certainly a step in the right direction. By innovating with their engines, other companies will need to innovate themselves to stay relevant in a world highly aware of environmental issues — and therefore stay afloat.

Great Performance With Less of a Footprint

Not only is the engine efficient and cleaner than standard engines, but the performance is outstanding. According to Mother Earth News, the engines deliver “V8 performance from a V6 engine and V6 performance from a 4-cylinder engine.”

While no MPG estimates have yet been released, some of the other stats have been impressive. The 4-cylinder engine is capable of reaching 310 horsepower and can manage 320 feet/pound of torque. Obviously, these little engines pack a punch and when they’re not needed, Ford explains, they don’t expend more energy than needed for the task at hand.

Is It Available in My Choice Car?

The company hopes to make Eco Boost engines available for 90% of their vehicles by the end of the year. They are heralding the technology as the affordable alternative to hybrid vehicles without their limitations. In fact, the technology is replacing hybrid options in some of the auto manufacturer’s product lines — a fact that has some environmentalists on edge as a step in the wrong direction. Others argue that because buyers are more likely to purchase the more affordable Eco Boost engines, it’s still better than nothing – at least they aren’t turning to more gas guzzling alternatives instead.

All things considered, the aggressive move towards Eco Boost engines — even if it’s not a far enough move for some — will be good both for environmental policy and the options consumers have to make a difference with their environmental footprint. Visit Ford’s website to look up your preferred model and see if Eco Boost is available. Even if it isn’t, fortunately, it’s only a matter of time.