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What is a Green MBA?

You might have heard about people going to school for a "Green MBA."  (Sometimes also called a "Sustainable MBA") 

A Green MBA program adds coursework of managing environmental and sustainability to traditional MBA programs.   A traditional MBA includes business-related coursework such as accounting, marketing, and human resources, and a Green MBA would also include courses on economic, environmental, and social sustainability, dubbed the Triple Bottom Line.  

Many schools offering Green MBAs allow you to concentrate on something specific.  For instance, Marylhurst University's MBA in Sustainable Business offers concentrations in Renewable Energy, Government Policy & Administration, Green Development, and Natural and Organic Resources.  

The great thing about Green MBA programs, is many are offered part-time or even online.  

There are plenty of options once you graduate with a Green MBA.  You could work at a non-profit organization, corporations looking to become more sustainable, the government, or education.