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What is a Home Energy Management System?

Home Energy Managing Systems are tools that monitor energy data from your electricity meter and/or PV solar system.  The system tracks how much energy is in use at any given time or over a period of time.  There are two types of energy management systems on the market: 1) those geared toward utility companies to monitor customer use and allow them to adjust rates based on use; and 2) those for home owners to monitor their own home energy use in order to be more efficient. 

Most systems for consumers to use in their own home can be monitored from software on your computer, your smartphone or on the web. The goal of a personal home energy monitoring system is to allow homeowners to reduce or change their energy usage. When a home owner sees how much energy is in use at a given time, they are likely to change their behavior for the better. Some solar customers report challenging themselves to reduce their energy usage on a daily basis based on their monitoring system (much in the same way Prius drivers monitor their MPG at all time to try to keep gas use down).  These tools also make it possible to decrease energy usage during peak hours when energy rates spike, thus greatly reducing your energy bill.

Here are a few systems to check out:

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