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What is Solar Net Metering?


Net Metering

There are many environmental and financial benefits of installing PV solar panels or other small renewable energy systems. Many states offer “Net-Metering” to offset your utility use.

Net Metering is a program through your gas and electric utility company. If you produce more energy than you use, you receive credits which can be used toward future energy bills. Essentially, you “roll-over” unused energy from month to month. So, let's say in September you produce an oversupply of power but in December you don't produce enough energy to completely power your home. You can use credits from the month of September to cover your bill in December. However, you do not receive cash back for credits you have remaining at the end of the billing year. (Bummer)

States which require utilities to provide net-metering include: Louisiana, North Carolina, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Florida. The only states that actually pay YOU for the extra power your produce are New Jersey (through credits called SRECs) and Hawai'i.

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