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What's Greener: Flying or Driving?

A few months ago, we were planning to go from Boston to Washington DC.  We had to make the choice:  drive or fly?  Flying was clearly the quicker choice, but what about the eco-friendliness of it?

After some research, driving was the greener choice for us.  If you drive a car that gets over 25 miles per gallon, driving generates fewer greenhouse gases than on a plane.  We drive a hybrid, so there was no question about what was the more environmentally-friendly choice.  So off we drove, from Boston to DC!

On TheDailyGreen, it says that flying from San Francisco to Boston would generate roughly 1,300 kilograms of greenhouse gases per passenger one way, as opposed to driving, which would account for only 930 kilograms per vehicle.  Of course, driving cross country isn't usually doable, but for shorter distances (i.e, San Francisco to LA or Boston to Philadelphia) it makes more sense to drive.  Grist also says that short-haul flights are particularly bad because take-off and landing use the most fuel in a flight.

Buses and trains are also other green alternatives.  Buses are great because they'll usually be running no matter what, so the more people who can get on the bus, the better!  Unfortunately, long(er) distance bus travel isn't too realistic for me now that I have an infant, and trains are just ridiculously expensive in this country -- and usually not too fast, either.  Before the kiddo was born, I used to regularly use BoltBus on my trips from Boston to NYC.  

Another green tip is to carpool!  There are lots of online tools to find carpoolers in your area, such as eRideShare!