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Why are Farmers' Markets the way to go...

Lisa Reed's Farmers Market

Want some tasty vegetables or some nice ripe fruit? Or how about some homemade organic bread or pasta sauces? What about tasting some flavorful almonds or getting some fresh, hot kettle corn? Then you should check out some amazing farmers' markets in your local community! The produce that you can find at a farmers' market usually is from local farms and communities surrounding it. Most of the produce that is at a Farmers' market is grown naturally or organically. For example, meat at a farmers' market is almost always raised humanely. The fruits and vegetables are not genetically altered or covered in harmful pesticides. Advocates for farmers' market believe that having continuous markets of this sort helps farmers stay in business and helps preserve natural resources. Farmers who sell their produce direct to the public instead of wholesale get a better price and in return are able to make more money for themselves. Farmers' markets are a win/win situation for all! We, the public, win because we get amazing food and the farmers win because it helps their business out financially.

Here are some awesome farmers' markets to check out in the San Francisco Bay Area:

Concord Farmers' Market: Tuesdays (year round)10am - 2 pm and Thursdays (May to Oct.) 4pm -8pm. ** There is live music on both days and on some Thursdays they follow the market with a "movie in the park".**

Ferry's Plaza Farmers' Market: Tuesdays and Thursday 10am- 2pm and Saturday 8am- 2pm (All three days are year round)

Old Oakland's Farmers' Market: Friday 8am - 2pm (Year round)


Berkeley markets

The three markets in Berkeley are amazing ( I'm excited about the new farmers' market going in at the White House...

Totally agree

I speak from experience, the Concord Farmer's Markey is awesome! If you haven't been head on down and go for a lunch date and snack on all the wonderful free samples at the end of the day you'll come home with some delicious, fresh foods! I have a friend that absolutely loves the kettle corn they have there and she's no fool, go check it out!!! Yum yum yum!

Farmers markets are great

But the produce you get there is not always free of pesticides.  It's true that many are pesticide-free or use less pesticides than commercially grown fruit and vegetables, even if they are not certified organic, but some local farmers will still use pesticides and herbicides.  The only way to know if you're getting something pesticide-free at a farmers market is to ask the farmer directly and then you can make a good decision.

Great Article

Thanks for writing this article Mary.  Farmer's Market are great for getting snacks too.  Sometimes those home-made oatmeal cakes just hit the right spot. Cool

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