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Why Do-It-Yourself Solar Panels Will Not Eclipse Commercial Panels

One hesitancy those considering a career in solar panel installation might have is the huge number of "do-it-yourself" solar panel guides available for free or at a very low price on the Internet.  However, just as individual, do-it-yourself homebuilding will never eclipse commercial home construction, so do-it-yourself solar panels will never eclipse commercial solar panel installation. 

Why will DIY solar not eclipse commercial solar panels?  There are four simple reasons:

1.  DIY solar projects do not tie in homeowners to the grid.

One of the major advantages of professional solar panel installation is its ability to tie existing homes into the regular power grid.  This leads to the phenomenon of homeowners selling their solar energy back to the power company, and watching their meters run backwards.  Most DIY projects, by comparison, require solar hobbyists to use a complex system of batteries, voltage regulators, and converters that are difficult to maintain, difficult to operate, and expensive to buy.  Most people don't want to think that hard when it comes to their solar panels, and human nature will lead them to wanting a professional, trained solar installer to do the work for them.

2.  DIY solar projects do not generate nearly as much energy.

Homemade solar panels tend not to be as efficient as commercial-grade solar panels.  As a result, DIY enthusiasts can expect to see their power bill go down only about 5% per month as a result of all their time and money.

3.  DIY solar projects require more skill than they claim.

Most DIY solar guides available on the Internet state that building your own solar panel is so easy that even a middle school kid could do it.  Unfortunately, this is simply not true.  Building a solar panel according to the DIY guides take a fair bit of carpentry and electrical skill.  Even if a solar hobbyist manages to build the solar panel without incident, they still have to attach it to their roof.  Knowing how to attach a panel to a roof without damaging the roof or the panel requires training.  Most homeowners will want an installer who has completed a solar energy course.

4.  Trained solar installers understand local codes.

Supposing that someone creating their own solar panel actually builds the panel correctly and attaches it to their roof without breaking the panel or the roof – they still have to navigate local building codes and regulations.  Professional solar installers who have completed solar PV courses already understand the codes in their area and how to get the proper permitting.

Given these reasons, someone considering a career in solar installation should not be fooled by the Internet's claims that solar is so simple, anyone can do it.  As people begin to understand the complexity of solar panel projects, they will turn increasingly to trained, certified solar installers.

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