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Yikes! Lead in Target's "Green" Baby Clothes?!

I'm a very new mom, and this tidbit of news absolutely horrified me.  Back in November, it was revealed that not only was there lead in baby clothes at Target, but it happened to be in the onesies labeled as GREEN.  Tests on the onesies revealed that the tags on these onesies contained FOUR TIMES THE LEGAL LEVEL of lead.  These onesies are the Target "Circo" brand, and they have the words "green baby" on them (see a picture here).  The lead was found in the "tagless tag" that was printed on the back of the garment.  

This information got extremely little press.  Even if you Google "lead in target baby clothes", not a whole lot comes up in spite of the fact that this should be very important.   It's particularly disturbing considering the fact that these onesies were marketed as green.   As far as I know, there hasn't even been a recall.  

The Center for Environmental Health has a petition, as lead in products at Target (and also Walmart) has been an ongoing problem.  

Spread the word about these onesies.  And shame on Target for using "green" to market baby attire with such high levels of lead.  


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