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Why are Farmers' Markets the way to go...

Lisa Reed's Farmers Market

Want some tasty vegetables or some nice ripe fruit? Or how about some homemade organic bread or pasta sauces? What about tasting some flavorful almonds or getting some fresh, hot kettle corn? Then you should check out some amazing farmers' markets in your local community! The produce that you can find at a farmers' market usually is from local farms and communities surrounding it. Most of the produce that is at a Farmers' market is grown naturally or organically. For example, meat at a farmers' market is almost always raised humanely. The fruits and vegetables are not genetically altered or covered in harmful pesticides. Advocates for farmers' market believe that having continuous markets of this sort helps farmers stay in business and helps preserve natural resources. Farmers who sell their produce direct to the public instead of wholesale get a better price and in return are able to make more money for themselves. Farmers' markets are a win/win situation for all! We, the public, win because we get amazing food and the farmers win because it helps their business out financially.

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Solar Energy Products Help Create A Greener Life

With this current recession everyone is looking for ways to save a couple bucks. One way that benefits a person's pocket book and the Earth is by using products that are powered by Solar energy.

Some small solar energy chargers that are used to charge cell phones, ipods, video game consoles, digital cameras, or PDAs seem to be the "fan favorite" of the masses are the Brando USB Solar Charger, the FreeLoader Solar Charger, and  the Solduis Solar Charger. These prices of these products range from 70 to 90 USD.

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