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The True Cost of Not Getting a Free Solar Estimate

The True Cost of Not Getting a Free Solar Estimate

One of the great hidden truths about America’s renewable energy policies isn’t actually so great or hidden.  The United States has a history of underfunding proven clean, technologies like solar and wind, while giving generous 20:1 subsidies to more entrenched fossil fuel sources.

“The average American is usually unaware of this trend, even though the information is out there, including a solar system special”, says Rich Hessler.  Instead, most people focus on start-up Solyndra-style failures, believing these to be par for the solar industry.

The BP oil spill?  The Exxon Valdez?  Those are just unfortunate accidents – the cost of doing business.

But what about the 2020, 2030, and 2050 renewable energy goals put forth by an increasing number of countries around the world?  Isn’t this proof that the tide is turning?  Even presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, believes solar must play a role in America’s push for energy independence by 2020.... read more

Why Every Solar Company Should Have a Blog

I cringe whenever I see a corporate site without a blog.  It bothers me no matter the industry, but with a sector as mysterious and misunderstood as solar energy, not having a blog seems unconscionable.

As a solar copywriter, I’m probably more sensitive to such things.  After all, a firm without a blog represents a potential client.

But even before my copywriting days, I appreciated the power of blogs.  After years in search engine optimization (SEO), I realized that companies with blogs enjoyed more traffic, longer visits, better conversions, and greater visibility than those that didn’t.

But why is that exactly?... read more

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