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Go Green, Go Alternative, Help Save the Planet

image from sxc.huEvery day, people around the world do, deliberately or unconsciously, some activities that would affect the environment. No matter how big or small these activities are, they would still create an impact. Some of those effects would create an irreversible damage that also build ripples affecting humanity and all life forms. 



While it is true that scientists, environmentalists, enthusiasts, and advocates are working hard to protect and help the planet recover from the tremendous problems, the real truth is, the earth is everyone’s responsibility. We think it is a very difficult job to help, but there are actually a lot of simple things we can do to take part on this environmental rehabilitation and protection program.... read more

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Go Green for the Planet

Our planet is everyone’s responsibility. It’s not just of the scientists, the environmentalists, or the enthusiasts and activists. Apparently, the planet is in dire need of our help. Some people would think that reaching out to the environment is a hard slog, a task only the experts could do. But little did they know that even in some little ways, we can help.... read more

Youth Empowerment for the Green Campaign

Environmental problems have become adversely diverse and extensively threatening in the modern times. In the past, humanity was only dealing with a simple pollution problem but now the enormous world population, climate change, global warming, and many other serious problems are already endangering the Earth and every life form.


Scientists, environmentalists and experts have been working together to discover scientific breakthroughs and other methods to address the aggravating issues. Environmental organizations and concerned citizens are also doing their part to contribute in the effort to save Mother Earth. ... read more

The “Green" Mission: An Outdoor Enthusiast's Urgent Call

The urgency of maintaining ecological balance is undeniably alarming. Global awareness on distressing environment issues and concerns calls us to participate on the mission to rehabilitate and save Mother Earth, and all life forms.


Will you allow losing the priceless gifts of nature? If you loved the great outdoors, you will definitely not. It is a natural therapy that revitalizes ourselves after a day or a week of hard slog. There is no substitute for the regenerating sound of nature, the refreshing green sceneries and the cooling fresh air.


On my personal perspective, comprehensive education and public awareness programs should constantly be running to remind us of our huge responsibilities to the environment. There are so much to discover and enjoy in the great outdoors. But if we would just do it to feed our lust for thrill and adventure, we should know that it could impact to the whole ecosystem.... read more

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