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Time to Whip Cream!

At any holiday party you'll usually find pies for dessert, with whipped cream for topping them.  Our own holiday party is coming up this Sunday, and I was tempted to buy Reddi Whip or some other canned whipped cream to accompany the desserts.  But one look at the high prices for canned whipped cream, not to mention the waste of packaging, reminded me why I always whip my own. 

A can of whipped cream, which is enough to top two pies, costs anywhere from $2.50 if it's on sale to $5 regular price, and that's assuming you're not buying organic. The can is a nightmare for recycling facilities because it's made of metal that is interlocked with plastic components. ... read more

Downsize Your Garbage Can

Here's a painless way to reduce one of your monthly bills and encourage a less waste-producing lifestyle: downsize your garbage can. 

A couple years ago our city introduced three sizes of garbage cans, with corresponding reduced prices.  The first is the standard size that we're all used to: 68 gallons.  When we were using disposable diapers for our daughter (I know, I know, so-not-green!), we needed this full-sized can, so we had to pay full price on our garbage bill ($55.84/month).  But once she was potty trained, we noticed we were only filling the can 1/2 way each week. ... read more

Reusing... Socks!

I'm sure if you're reading the Keen for Green website you are very familiar with the mantra, "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle." In my experience, recycling is the only part of that trifecta that gets any significant attention in terms of our daily habits. So, today I'm paying tribute to the concept of "Reusing." And my tribute involves the most mundane of objects... socks. But don't worry, this gets more interesting, so read on...... read more

3 Simple Uses for Old Papers

My family's gotten into the recycling routine at home- we recycle paper, plastic, cans, plastic bags, and yard trimmings.  It's hardly a feat to be proud of because it's so easy- our city's recycling service picks up all of these materials from our curb each week, with minimal sorting required of us.  Reusing materials (the more environmentally friendly alternative, since it avoids the energy consumption involved in recycling) has not been our strength, and I'm trying to work on that.  Reusing obviously takes a little more effort and creativity that simply tossing an empty soda can into a recycling bin.  Here are three simple ways to reuse old paper such as old bills, draft documents we don't need anymore, and credit card offer letters:... read more

Grow Some Herbs!

You can hardly get more green than gardening, right?  But, I'm always thinking about the cost of "going green," and there is some debate as to how cost-effective it is to grow your own vegetables.  For instance, in the book pictured below, an avid gardener details how his adventures in gardening led him to unwittingly grow tomatoes that cost him $64 a piece.

... read more

Fighting the Shopaholic Urge

One of the main tenets of environmentally conscious living is to reduce consumption of manufactured goods.  However, when you're living such a lifestyle, you may find there are times when you feel an incredible urge to buy something, or anything. These urges are probably most common for those of us who are recovering shopaholics- our brains have been conditioned to enjoy acquiring retail goods, so it's difficult to let go of that source of pleasure.... read more

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