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Green Kids On The Go: Eco-Vacationing For The Family This Summer

For many of us, the summer break means just one thing. It heralds the arrival of the long-awaited annual family vacation. Just you, your partner, the kids, your luggage and an exciting new place to explore. Couldn’t be simpler, right?

Wrong. At least it is if you plan to take your environmental responsibilities seriously when you are on the move. Airlines use up eye-watering amounts of precious fuel flying their planes across the world and back. Long-distance driving too is a major drain on non-sustainable fuel as Americans set off on summer road trips, often driving for days across multiple states. All this travelling adds up, not just in environmental terms, but also financial. Drivers must pay for gas, not to mention wear and tear on their vehicle. Then there are road taxes to account for, plus insurance. Many insurance companies are encouraging us to ‘think green’ in our vehicle choices by offering discounted quotes on ‘cleaner’ cars.... read more

Summertime… And The Living Is Green

Summer is upon us and the school vacation is just around the corner. All that lovely spare time for you and your kids to have fun and relax together in some hopefully sunny weather. However, although the formal studying has finished for a while, there’s no reason why the learning has to stop. Spending time at home and as a family is a great chance to get the kids involved in sustainable living at the same time as having some great fun.

Here are some suggestions for a sustainable summer vacation.... read more

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