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Cool Recycled Home Decors Made from Apple Computers

In present times, where technology seems to have the ability to deliver and offer everything a man can wish for, computers and gadgets can be found everywhere. Especially computers, from offices, cafes, malls, these peripheral devices can be found even at your home. But what do you exactly do when your computer become obsolete, outdated, or all of a sudden, broke down.

Well, some creative minds offered the following ideas on turning their Apple iMac computers to cool and uncanny house decorations:

iMac Aquarium – is computer-aquarium made by detaching the electrical component inside an iMac monitor including the cathode-ray tube and replacing it with a custom-made aquarium. The idea came from a professional photographer named Jake Harms from Nebraska, United States. He admitted that it took him a great deal of time to create a perfect curved shape similar to the iMac’s cathode ray tube. Presently, he sells iMac Aquarium online for $250 each, available in colors red, blue, aqua and white.

Crunching G4 Table – is a geeky-chic table made of two iMac G4 CPUs. Mike Elgan of, described the Crunching G4 Table as, “a coffee table made with Macintosh G4s. The machine itself is obsolete. But the product is too beautiful to destroy or discard. Repurposing it into furniture lets us remember it.” It is available for the price of $600 at read more

The Best Green iPhone Apps in the Market

Last September 21, the newest addition of the iPhone series was introduced to the public, the iPhone 5s and upon reaching a million dollar sales within three days prior to its release, Apple had once proven that the iPhone craze is still strong and that they are not threatened of the hundred smartphones developed by their competitors.

iPhone became very popular because of its mobile applications, programs that are similar to those installed in desktop computers. And this doesn’t exempt programs that focus on the environment’s welfare. Yes, I’m talking about the green iPhone apps out there in the market. And for today’s article, I’m going to give you the top five green mobile apps for your iPhone.... read more

Lexmark Turns Inkjet Cartridges to Recycled Pens

In the recent years, Lexmark has been earning a reputation in being an environment-conscious company contributing with its program that helps in our environment’s conservation and sustainability. From its efforts of designing its products with the environment in mind, to how they engineer their packaging to reduce materials, all the way to their recycling programs, Lexmark strives to be an environmentally responsible provider of products and services.

One of these recycling programs Lexmark have conducted is their Ink Cartridge Recycling Program, these allows its customers to ship back their used inkjet cartridges back to them to be remanufactured, re-filled with new toner and re-sale as quality Lexmark remanufactured printer cartridges. But last 2010, Lexmark came up with a bright idea to remanufacture or recycle empty inkjet cartridges and that’s by converting them into pens.... read more

Eco-Friendly School Supplies

Back to SchoolSummer’s about to end and you know what that means; it’s back-to-school time! Are you already excited for the first semester to start or completed buying everything in your back-to-school shopping list? If you haven’t yet, then why don’t you consider going green this school year by buying eco-friendly school supplies and show your concern to Mother Earth. Here are some popular eco-friendly school supplies in the internet that have been receiving awards and great reviews.

The Dream Collection Banana Paper Recycled Notebooks – is an 80-page eco-friendly recycled notebook made from post-consumer waste and banana fibers. A college notebook with a hard cover designed beautifully with water-based inks and has two pocket dividers. Plus, it was made acid-free and bleach-free.... read more

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