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Environmental Career Paths

Many households and companies have incorporated environmentally friendly habits into their daily routines. Helping the environment during family time is a wonderful choice, but for a number of individuals, there is a desire to do more.

Are you one of those committed people ready to turn your passion for green living into a full time job?  If so, there is a growing list of environmental career options available to help you reach your goal of landing a rewarding “green job.”

From agricultural engineer and geoscientist to urban planner and landscape architect, there is sure to be a career path that’s the perfect fit for your interests, skills and educational background.

Here are some of the possible career paths.

Federal government. In the public sector, a number of government agencies offer promising green career options: The Bureau of Land Management, Environmental Protection Agency, National Science Foundation, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Peace Corps, Forest Service, Bureau of Reclamation and Soil Conservation Service represent a sampling of agencies that may be the right fit for you. Government job titles may include environmental engineer or biofuel engineer, or you may find work with the military as a nonmilitary consultant.... read more

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