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What Is Going To Happen To The UK's Feed-In Tariff Scheme?

The British government's reward scheme for renewable energy systems was launched amid much publicity on 1st April 2010. Owners of renewable energy systems such as solar panels and air source pumps would receive payment for the electricity their systems produced. Excess electricity that would be returned to the national grid would receive a bonus payment. Upon its launch, the Feed-In Tariff paid 43.3 pence per kilowatt (unit of electricity) created by a qualifying system. An additional 3.1 pence was paid per kilowatt for any unused power that was returned to the national grid. Owners stood to make a substantial profit in the 25 years that the tariff was guaranteed to run for. Indeed, owners of an average domestic solar panel system would likely make over £1,000 a year. An additional bonus was the fact that all the tariff payments were tax free.


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