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Smoking can harm you…and it harms the environment too

cigarettes and the environmentTraditional tobacco cigarettes contain around 4000 known chemicals, which can greatly harm the smoker, those who breathe in the second hand smoke, and contribute to air and ground pollution. Many people are aware of the harms of the smoking to the human body, but not everyone is aware of the damage being done to the Earth through smoking.

The cigarette butts that many people feel free to throw onto the ground take around 25 years to fully break down. While they are slowly breaking down, all of the chemicals that are sucked through the filter are also being absorbed into the ground and by plant life.... read more

The positive side to lowering your carbon footprint

Thinking about the wider environment – it’s something that all businesses should be doing more often. Whether it’s by trying to cut back on the amount of energy they use or by exploring alternative means of generating energy that reduces reliance on the national grid, it pays to be green in more ways than one. As well as showing customers that your company cares, you’re also in line to make savings, but how can lowering your company’s carbon footprint increase profitability?

There are a variety of things you can do to lower your carbon footprint which will result in your company’s image and bank balance looking much more palatable, one of them being buying products from green companies. Recycled paper, green energy, sustainable water and wood are all pretty cheap to buy, plus they work well and are in plentiful supply.... read more

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