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How to Modify Your Home With Energy Efficient & Green Modifications

It won't be too long before the cold blast of winter starts hitting the side of the house. The frosty months are that time of the year when home energy bills can start climbing and cause a strain on family budgets. This is the time to start looking seriously at ways to curb cost of energy. The green movement is a great place to investigate. In efforts to become more ecologically friendly, there is a movement towards what can actually cut some of the energy costs, while saving the environment at the same time. Solar paneling on the roof is no doubt one of the centerpieces of green homes. It permits the rays of the sun to warm up the house and drive heating bills down to the ground. This type of home improvement, however, may be a little bit too radical or too drastic for some homeowners. Not to worry, there are other possibilities.

energy star logonstallation serves to keep outside temperatures in the great outdoors. It permits a house to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, without heavy energy use. If the house is in need of paint job, simply painting the roof white will prevent outdoor heat from being absorbed. Windows can be energy efficient and owners of older homes have noticed a drop in utility bills when modern, more environmentally conscious, windows have been installed. Appliances such as refrigerators that are more than twenty years old have a reputation for draining household energy. Replacing them with models that are designed to conserve electricity really saves the dollars. Energy Star is a joint program of the US Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency. Appliances with an Energy Star approval are designed specifically to conserve energy.... read more

5 Ways to Save Money on Commercial Property While Going Green

Owning commercial property can be a very expensive proposition. Even though fairly good money is realized from the rents paid by tenants a large portion of that is taken away due to maintenance, leaving behind a very thin net profit. It can be even tougher if not all the space in the building is rented out. Landlords are always looking for ways to either cut or contain maintenance costs. Very few look to green alternatives for cost control and that is unfortunate. Going green is not necessarily a hippie Woodstock way of managing things. In fact, it is entirely possible for a landlord to reduce his or her carbon footprint and save money at the same time. There are a number of possible strategies and here are just a few:

1. Conduct an energy audit. Most commercial buildings are not designed to make use of the current solar panel technology, but that doesn't mean that these structures cannot be energy efficient. Public utilities are quite willing to do an energy audit that will give the owner an indication of how much energy is being used, and provide suggestions as to how to save money by efficiently decreasing energy use (e.g. not having the air- conditioning on in offices 24/7).... read more

Window Tinting: Where Going Green Means Money Savings

Today we have a guest blog post about the green benefits of tinting your windows.  


If you are or have been a homeowner, you may be well familiar with the costs of maintaining a household.  On top of numerous upkeep chores (landscaping, plumbing), property taxes and mouths to feed, monthly bills can become quite expensive.  If you own a large home, your monthly energy bill may carry a considerable price tag of its own.  

Unlike most home upkeep costs, your home energy bills are something that directly impacts the environment.  While air conditioning can be essential in many circumstances, the energy generated towards its cause releases emissions into the atmosphere.  While it may be a necessary use, there are ways we can limit our environmental footprint – and lower our costs of living at the same time.  ... read more

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