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Using social networking to find a green job

Finding a job in any field can be very challenging these days - the old saying "it's who you know" applies more than ever before. Luckily for you, finding who you know is so much easier than ever before. Enter social networking! Facebook allows you to find every friend, friend of a friend, or friend of a friend's friend - surely, one of those friend's friends knows somebody who's worked in a company that you've always wanted to work for, or who is involved in a start up that you may want to work for (but don't know yet). And you don't have to stop there.... read more

Ways to be a Green Runner

I just completed my 7th marathon, The Avenue of the Giants Marathon in Humbolt Redwoods State Park in Weott California. Staring up at amazing Redwood trees for 26.2 miles (when not watching out for pot holes), I never got bored - those tall trees, standing proud for so long are something everyone should stare at for 5 hours. After spending so much peaceful time with them (although, I guess not everyone would consider running a marathon "peaceful") I wondered how I can keep up my marathon running lifestyle in a green friendly way.

Here are some things I've found that any type of runner can do to lessen the impact:

1. Never litter while running, even during a marathon. I'll admit it's tempting to just throw your gel wrapper on the ground, but even during a marathon, try and find a trashcan. Or better yet, buy gel in larger quantities and refill your water belt containers.

2. Buy green friendly running products. If you are a running gear junkie like me, you'll be tempted to try all the latest products. To save money and lessen your negative impact on the environment at the same time, try and choose products from companies Atayne, they are committed to being green and offer running shirts that are made from recycled material.

... read more

Planning a Green Friendly Wedding

In the early staging of planning my July 2010 wedding, I'll admit that I didn't really think of ways to make the wedding itself environmentally friendly. At first, I was overwelmed, excited, more overwhelmed and more excited. I concentrated on getting the "big things" done first. I had to decide on where, when and who would cater it before I thought of anything else.

During that crazy time, I indirectly did a few things that I think are good: I planned on having it on the east coast so no family members had to fly, I am having it outside at a place that promotes environmental studies at the Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia, I am providing a shuttle for our guests from the hotel. These choices were made mostly because: I love the outside and flowers and trees, I didn't want to make my family spend the money on plane tickets, I didn't want to make people drink and drive (if they chose to drink).

Now as the wedding planning progresses (two months to go!) and I have a little more time to think things through, I've compiled a list of things you can do to make your wedding as green friendly as you can, without making your stress levels turn you blue:

1. Wed Locally. If you can, pick a destination that eliminates long distance travel for most of your guests. If your heart is set on a destination wedding, pick a place that promotes sustainable travel.... read more

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