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Combatting the Water Waster

The bathroom accounts for over 70% of the water used inside the home; from extra-long shower sessions to a few too many full baths per week, it’s fair to say most of us are at least a little guilty of using water excessively in the bathroom. Although our habits may bring us those few extra minutes to relax or a more convenient experience, few people realise exactly how much effect they can have their water and heating bills. In this article we’ll be looking at a few of the bad habits many bathroom users have, and the quick and convenient solutions to change bad bathroom habits into a money saving and ecologically friendly attitude. ... read more

Perfection in Manufacturing Makes for a Greener Existence

It can be difficult to understand how a lot of modern day machinery, from vehicles to agricultural devices can be seen as being eco friendly or environmentally sound. But the truth is, without the high levels of quality within their internal components manufacturing processes, their emissions could be far worse and their environmental impact far greater than we can fully understand.... read more

Eco Friendly Travel Tips!

Travelling abroad can be and in fact most often is, one of the most exciting and potentially inspiring things that any person could choose to do with their time. The intense mix of culture shock and in turn the feeling of being removed from your own comfort zone often than not leads to a very strange feeling of bliss and openness. For most of us going abroad is a break from work, home and normality, at a small price. But that price needn’t be forced onto the natural world as well, and it quite often is. For those of us who, whilst at home regularly use “mod cons”, heading away for a trip abroad can be a great excuse to cut back on expensive and environmentally damaging technology. By utilising your new found freedom to its full potential it can be incredibly easy to leave behind all the items and home comforts which make our lives easy and routine and in turn often damage the environment.... read more

Real Wenge Wood: the New Age Ivory

Every once in a while construction materials from certain, relatively exotic locations become aesthetically and artistically desirable, particularly in the west. In the last few years this seems to have become the case with the African tropical timber known as Wenge.

Wenge is popular probably due to its physical aesthetic, it is an extremely dark, oddly porous wood and it has a distinctive figure with what is known as a partridge pattern. It is often compared to mahogany and ebony and is known by several names including: African Rosewood, Bokonge and Faux Ebony.... read more

Rules of Recycling

Recycling Pizza BoxesRecycling Pizza BoxesIn today’s world of environmentally conscious and enlightened societies, most people regularly recycle. In fact it’s quite rare to find people, at least in the western and first world who don’t or won’t recycle. But without the correct research a great many people could be making errors when it comes to what can and what can’t be put into those magical little boxes.

Whilst it’s all very well and good to suggest that, “it’s the thought that counts,” if you’re adding things to your recycling bins which don’t belong there you could, not only make life more difficult for your local refuse collectors but also ruin part of the recycling process itself.

For example, quite a common occurrence is pizza boxes being thrown in with the recycling. This is a fairly innocent idea and one which, without the right research could seem a perfectly normal thing to do. But due to the nature of paper’s specific recycling process putting used pizza boxes in can make the entire process pointless. This is because one of the worst possible contaminants in the paper recycling process is food.... read more

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