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Frugal gardening tips for a small backyard

small backyard gardeningIf you enjoy gardening but have only a small backyard, do not despair for you can still come up with some great ways of making it bountiful. You can make your backyard come alive with a neat lawn, plants, vegetables and flowers. Apart from the beauty of the garden you will also benefit from growing your own vegetables for the kitchen. This will save you a lot of money in the long run, although the initial cost may strain your pocket a bit. Here are some frugal gardening tips which will help you to maintain a small backyard garden throughout the year.

Make your own compost

Start collecting all your kitchen waste items like coffee grounds, vegetable peelings, tea leaves and eggshells to make your own compost. If you have no space in the corner of your garden to make compost pile then bury the waste right inside the soil. This organic compost will enrich your soil and will save you a lot of money on readymade compost.

Trade with a neighbor

If you have excess seeds and seedlings, trade seeds and cuttings with neighbor. It takes a little longer to start a plant from seeds but works out cheaper in the process. Look out for seed sales and stock them up and grow them indoors before the gardening season. You need not buy expensive containers for the seeds as you can use recycled containers which you might have at home. If you are starting from scratch, then invest in heirloom seeds for the first year so you can harvest and keep your own seed supplies for the next season.... read more

How to Start Gardening in the Spring Season

With the first warm seconds of spring, some additional gardening works are lying ahead to be carried out. Those falling branches and rough, dead leaves need to be cleaned off the ground and garden lawn. However, wait until the wetness of soil starts to disappear. However, don’t wait for too long or else the old weeds all get tangled for new growth. Cutting and cleaning the old plants is easier as long the new growth doesn't take place. So, be quick in your approach. Let's have a clear discussion on the cleaning process.

To start with gardening during the spring season, the very first task is to remove all the remains of dead annual plants. These plants will never return to their original state. So, their presence is not needed. They need to be removed and cleaned off properly. If this step is not taken, then the garden will showcase a very ugly outlook. The perennials of last fall need to be pruned back. There are a whole lot of different perennials that need to be left standing all through the winter season. This is primarily an additional protective measure. However, there is no reason to keep them for the spring. They will die back to the ground during the winter season. With the growth of new perennials, the old winter mulch needs to be removed. This ensure better plant growth and a much finer outlook/appearance to the garden.... read more

Tactics for beginners to choose eco-friendly cleaning products

Eco-friendly products help in protecting the health of the users and safety of the environment. Being green is not just about going to a shop and buying products which are labelled as 'natural', 'green', and Eco-friendly. You should gather more information about them and look at their ingredients before taking a decision to purchase them. Here are some of the tips for beginners to choose Eco-friendly cleaning products.

Check the Ingredients

It is always good to check the ingredients before you buy an Eco-friendly cleaning product. If there is no list of ingredients pasted on the packing on the product, its good to stop purchasing that product. Make sure that the ingredients list doesn't contain any harmful chemicals. Eco-friendly products are generally supposed to be made without any artificial chemicals like Ammonia, Butyl Glycol, Ethylene Glycol, Monobutyl, etc. which might harm both its users and the environment. The absence of an ingredient list is a big risk that shouldn't be taken. ... read more

Top ways to save money on gardening

gardening tipsGardening is considered to be one of the 'less expensive' hobbies. However, in reality there is a lot of expense incurred when you start gardening on a regular basis. Growing plants and greens in your backyard would include expenditure on seeds, soil, plants, tomato cages, pots, mulch and even lumber for raised beds.

Few ways to reduce gardening costs -

1. Plant seeds instead of buying seedlings - A packet of seed could help you grow about 100 plants for the cost of one plant or seedling that the nursery would sell you. Seeds require more work in the garden, but your savings would be worth the effort.... read more

Top 5 Tips To Make Your Garden Green

Gardening is a beautiful experience not only for people who love flourishing greenery in their gardens, but also for busy individuals. Well maintaining your gardens green in the off seasons is definitely a difficult task, I am sure you agree with me. A few ideas are given below to help you keep your garden green by spending a few pennies or nothing at all.

1. Get the right place

Before you plant a new sapling or a seed you need to make sure of the right place. The right place means a spot in your garden that receives adequate sunlight, as most of the plants, be it vegetables or fruits need a minimum of 5 to 6 hours of sunlight daily. To confirm the right place in the garden also check the soil and its type before you set your plant.

2. Watering your plants... read more

Creative Ways to Eat Leafy Greens

People today are seen crazy about greens. Once you begin with your leafy green habit, you will never stop. The green is considered to be the most nutrient rich group found in vegetables with a number of benefits. The green leafy stuffs like chard, kale and collards have lots of absorbable calcium which is an important element for vegans. Besides, you will find the green leafy things rich in Vitamin, A, B C, along with Vitamin K. They are loaded with chlorophyll antioxidants which play a key role in fighting cancers.

These all provide you enough reasons to consume green in your daily food. But how to consume them is a big question, which is answered here in this article. Here you will find a number of creative ways of eating leafy green. The below is the list of top five creative ways of consuming leafy greens:... read more

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