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Recycling in the Workplace: How Much of a Difference Can Really Be Made?

Think about how much trash you throw into your recycling bins at home each month. Now think about how much trash you produce in your office. Can you image how much garbage your office throws out could be recycled? If you think that recycling in your workplace would not make a difference, think again. 

Each year, businesses throw away tons of garbage that could be recycled. It’s such a waste of resources and money, and it overruns our crowded landfills. Make the change to start a recycling program in your workplace today. 

Make a Plan 

It’s easy to say “we want to recycle in our office,” but it’s much harder to make a program that actually makes the workplace more efficient. Before you implement a recycling program, take a few minutes to make a plan. Be sure to decide: 

  • What items you want to recycle
  • Who will head the recycling program
  • How you will dispose of waste 

Each of these steps is very important because you need to stay focused in order to keep track of your results to see how much of a difference you are making with your new program.... read more

7 Eco-Friendly Tips for When You’re Out of Town

You finally have a chance to do something kind for the planet. Before you leave town, be sure you take the time to make your home more eco-friendly. It will save you money on your power bill and it will give you a chance to conserve for the planet. 

Forget About Air 

Be sure to turn off your thermostat before you leave town. You waste electricity by trying to heat or cool a home when nobody is home. Also, turn out your pilot light on those gas furnaces, but be sure you know how to safely relight it when you get home. 

If you are worried a hard freeze will damage your plumbing, simply turn your furnace down as low as it will go and close the vents to the rooms that don’t need heat. ... read more

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