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RollingStone's Enemies of the Planet: Warren Buffett Heads the List

RollingStone has published an article on the individuals who are single-handedly posting the biggest threat to our planet.   It is an interesting list and includes:

  • Warren Buffett - the dubious number 1 spot who seems to be banking on the failure of the clean energy bills with huge investments tied to coal.
  • Rupert Murdoch -  #2 due to the Fox News propaganda machine.
  • Sen. James Inhofe - who proudly guarantees that the GOP will be able to block carbon curbing legislation and bemoaned not landing in the number 1 position on the RollingStone list.
  • George Will - for writing lie after lie in his column - thus using his reputation as the Conservative Intellectual to give credibility to disinformation.
  • John McCain - Flip-flopping to try and save his political life.

The common theme to the list seems to be age (most on the list are over 70, wtf - they don't need the planet that much longer?)... read more

Copenhagen: A Win or a Loss for Obama and the Environment?

I've been reading a lot of the criticism aimed at Obama in the wake of Copenhagen summit.   Just when it seemed that COP15 would end with no progress at all, Obama helped broker a non-binding agreement with clear targets.   But what good is a non-binding agreement anyway?   The reality is that a legally binding agreement as a prerequisite would have meant no agreement.... read more

Sewage Treatment - Micromidas has Green Technology for a Messy Problem

As I noted in an earlier post, the matter of figuring out the best way to dispose of human waste has been haunting mankind since the beginnings of civilization.   Current treatment of raw sewage results in large quantities of sludge which is not good fertilizer and is laden with toxic materials. Disposing of sludge is a huge problem for waste treatment plants.   Enter Micromidas, a finalist at the Clean Tech Open.  They have an idea - and it sounds like it's loadSludgeSludgeed with win!

Why It's Keen:  

Using Microbes, they are able to convert the CO2 in the sludge into polyhydroxylalkanoate (PHA) flakes which then can be turned into bio-plastics.  Bio-plastics can be used for plastic containers and function similar to synthetic plastics.   Finally, by capturing carbon that would normally be released into the atmosphere the process should result in carbon credits, mostly likely for the municipality who runs the sewage treatment plant.  If this turns out to be true, it could be a key element in turning this technology into a reality as it will make it easier to be economically as well as environmentally justified.  

Why It's Green:  

... read more

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