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Picking up litter

In an effort to stay in shape, I have taken up running a few times a week.  Yesterday, after my run, I took a cool-down walk around my block.  I spotted an empty plastic bottle lying on the sidewalk.  I decided to pick up the waste and quickly spotted another one.  This process continued for the duration of my walk around the block. 

When I got back to my house, I had accumulated 9 empty plastic containers, 3 aluminum cans, and 5 pieces of cardboard.  Again, this was all collected from a walk around one block, on one side of the street!  I was appalled at the mess that the slobs who travel our street leave.  While we can wish that the litterers of the world will cease their foul habits, the onus of cleaning up must rest solely on those of us who care about living in a clean environment.... read more

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