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Green travel toolbox for business, personal and leisure travel

According to a recent study by the Global Business Travel Associating (GBTA) sustainability initiatives are playing an increasingly important aspect in managed travel programs. GBTA surveyed travel managers in the U.S., Europe and Australia in regards to sustainability or 'green' efforts in their companies when it comes to their business travel programs.

In the consumer domain, the interest of the public in ethical consumerism, i.e. the implementation of socially responsible and sustainable products and services, is quickly becoming one of the biggest movements within the consumer marketplace. More consumers are actively seeking out authentic travel experiences. Sixty-one percent of Americans believe their experience is better when their destination preserves its unique natural, historic, and cultural sites. Among them, 54 percent stated they would be more likely to frequent hotels or resorts they knew practiced environmental responsibility practices.... read more

Sustainable intelligent solutions at IBM

Smarter Buildings: Courtesy of IBMSmarter Buildings: Courtesy of IBM

Many leaders from various industries and geographies indicate that the emerging sustainable economy will be the biggest economic game changer in the next two decades. At West Coast Green conference in San Francisco last week, IBM Corporation announced new Smart Energy-Management and Sustainability Solutions for the enterprise.

The new technological offerings address energy efficiency and sustainable buildings in commercial settings and are part of IBM’s expanding collection of solutions that are designed for creating smarter urban infrastructures.... read more

Event - Technology innovator in the San Francisco Bay Area

Learning from Nature to Design New Products

PAX Scientific, a San Francisco Bay Area engineering company, will give a talk of “Uses of Biomimicry to Create Products for a Greener Future”. The talk will cover inspiring applications of biomimicry principles and the new industries that are emerging from these scientific innovations.... read more

Smart Grid event - Future metering devices

The current metering devices for generating, transmitting and distributing electrical informationr are vulnerable to failure. The need to revamp this outdated technology is apparent, especially in an age of renewable energy. Original image from freefoto.comOriginal image from freefoto.comThe smart grid creates opportunities beyond new meter devices and simple data collection.

... read more

Universal Studios - Green Seal Award

Universal Studios, HollywoodUniversal Studios, Hollywood

Universal Studios in Hollywood was recently honored with the EMA Environmental Media Association (EMA) Green Seal Award. The award is the first-ever given to a theme park for its commitment and effort in working towards a more environmentally conscious workplace and community.

I recently toured the theme park to witness their ‘greening’ efforts as a casual visitor.... read more

Common misconceptions about water

People believe there is enough fresh water and that all we need to do is ‘harvest’ it. We should remember that where water falls is not necessarily where people live or need it. Certain geographical areas have abundance, but we cannot utilize water everywhere, as usage depends on where people live, produce, and function. From read more

Sustainable Brands Conference 2010 - June 7-10

For anyone who is interested in 'green' marketing, branding, strategy, sustainable business, and overall business leadership and trends, check out this conference. Sustainable Brands Conference 2010Sustainable Brands Conference 2010

The Sustainable Brands Conference 2010 in Monterey, California, is geared for marketing professionals and executives who are looking to understand the unfolding market drivers and leading-edge strategies for building business and brand value by innovating for sustainability.... read more

June 2010 - Business Awards event

Acterra’s 2010 Business Environmental Award reception will be held in Palo Alto, California on June 3.

Acterra is an environmental non-profit organization in the San Francisco Bay Area, which brings people and businesses together to create local solutions for a healthy planet. See more information about Acterra's programs below. Image from flickr.comImage from read more

Sustainability frameworks, protocols and guidelines

There are many frameworks and resources to help businesses to design and implement effective sustainability initiatives and to obtain measurable and meaningful results. In fact, there are too many choices. ... read more

Green procurement - Connecting sustainability and profitability

Today, customer demand is driving manufacturers and suppliers to become sustainable. Procurement can play a key role in driving the supply-chain towards sustainability. Green procurement refers to acquiring products, services, utilities, and work not based on criteria of price/quality only, but also with considerations of minimizing environmental impacts, of fairness and social justice, and economically viable, now and in the long term.   

Read more about Successful sustainability initiatives in corporate America and Sustainability best practices among leading companies.

Examples of green procurement range from the purchase of energy-saving lightbulbs to utilizing 'green' office supplies, retrofitting buildings with solar panels or recycled materials. purchasing organic food to be served in cafeterias, replacing vehicle fleet with electric vehicles, and more. The ultimate green procurement is the avoidance of the purchase altogether.Companies that implement sustainability initiatives develop and publish a 'Sustainable Development Procurement Guidelines and Procedures' to their supply-chain.

However, there are varying shades of  Going Green and some of the considerations for the supply chain may be:... read more

  • •    Recycled content
  • •    Bio-based content
  • •    Assessing toxic content (like Mercury in fluorescent lights)
  • •    Energy or water consumption
  • •    Products take-back and actual recycling
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