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3 Tips on Making Your Eco-Education Successful

green educationLet’s face it. Saving our local waterways may not be top of mind for your average 3rd or 5th grader. So how do we keep them interested and engaged in helping to protect water quality?

It has to hit a cord. It has to be interactive. It has to be visual. And most importantly, it has to be actionable so students feel empowered to do something about it.

It’s a simple model that S. Groner Associates (SGA) has been applying for the past 15 years in partnership with the Malibu Foundation for Environmental Education (MFEE) and achieved great results.  

School presentations focused on protecting water quality gets youngsters started early in developing positive habits. If old habits die hard and those habits help our environment, long live those habits, we say!... read more

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