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Going clothes shopping? Here's how to save some cash.

As our world starts moving toward a more eco-friendly place, people (especially food corporations) are putting a lot of emphasis on organic and pesticide-free produce. Not only is this produce more eco-friendly, but it's quite frankly much healthier for everyone. However, we need to realize that it's not just what we put it our body, we can harm ourselves by what we wear, also.

One of the most popular, if not the most popular, sources of clothing material is cotton. Unfortunately, what many people don't realize is that cotton can be unsafe. Although cotton is a natural plant, as companies become more concerned with quantity not quality, cotton plants are treated with all types of pesticides. Conventionally grown cotton poses as a threat to consumers and our planet as a whole. Pesticides can cause many types of serious illnesses, and most importantly have been directly linked to cancer cell generation.... read more

College students get around thanks to... french fries?

If you really take a second to think about how many college communities there are across the country, chances are, your estimate will probably be lower than actuality. FYI- there are just under 5,000 higher education institutions around the US. Now, consider all of the students on each campus, whether they are commuting or living at school. A "small" school may hold somewhere around 4,000 students, and larger schools can hold students more than 15 times that amount. Think about all of the energy that is wasted through transportation at these schools, whether large or small. A majority of college students have cars, in addition, many colleges provide shuttle-like transportation to get around with less hassle.... read more

Killing two birds with one stone (not literally)

How about saving the planet and its animals, all at once?

Many people give up the consumption of animal products for numerous reasons, which may include personal health and well-being, ethical beliefs, food expense reduction, and more. Thinking today about the reasons why I choose to follow a vegan lifestyle lead me to considering the environmental impact of the lifestyle. For those of you who are opposed to giving up your cheeseburgers regardless of the information presented, this will at the least provide you with some food for thought (a small side order for your burger).

In the past, the United Nations issued a report, somewhat like a call-to-action, for the world to reduce its consumption of animal products (both meat and dairy). As quoted in the U.K. Guardian, the UN feels that a "global shift towards a vegan diet is vital to save the world from hunger, fuel poverty and the worst impacts of climate change." Clearly, this is a pretty serious issue.

... read more

The power of geothermal energy

It's been around since the beginning of our earth's existence. Ironically, it's just now starting to become popular. Geothermal energy is, in most simple terms, the energy of the earth. It's a form of renewable energy, different than solar, which transfers heat from the earth's crust to provide an extremely efficient, sustainable, and wallet-friendly source of both heating and cooling. If you think about how this works, it's pretty basic. Regardless of what the weather may be outside our windows, the underground temperature in the core of the earth stays constant.... read more

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