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How the UK Government is going to cut carbon one building at a time and what we can all learn

The UK Government has just launched their Green Deal earlier this month. It’s the UK’s largest attempt to retro fit homes with insulation and Green technologies. The Governments aim is to cut carbon output by 80% of 1990 levels by 2050, it’s a big ask and can’t be achieved by policy alone. The Governments aim is to get 14 million homes upgraded through the initiative. 


How are they going to achieve this? Well there is one big incentive to kick things off: no upfront costs to the home or business owner. This will hopefully get people motivated, because apathy is rampant when it comes to Green Technologies. If I said to you that you could save £80/$100 per year by insulating your loft properly you’d probably say yes—but that means clearing out my loft, and that’s a pain! 

With constant changes in lifestyle and behavior, there needs to be a motivation or incentive to drive the project forward. Luckily we have created international Gas and Oil markets that keep driving the cost of domestic gas and oil higher and higher; swaying the nay saiers is therefore becoming easier. Everyone understands the simple concept of saving money and finding cheaper alternatives. ... read more

London’s 5 Best Eco-Friendly Hotels

Guilt-Free Travel

Image By: strollerdos

Summer’s just gone by and Christmas is already upon us. It happens every year—the holidays come in the blink of an eye. The air is buzzing with excitement as our family and friends prepare Christmas parties and gatherings. It’s always nice to travel for the holidays, away from our daily lives. If you find yourself in the English capital looking for an eco-friendly London hotel, you won’t be disappointed. Whether it’s for New Year’s or Christmas, travelling green will always make you feel better. Here are the top 5 environmentally friendly hotels in London.... read more

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