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3 Essential Components of a High Quality Solar Power System

Solar PanelsA solar power system includes three major parts: the solar panels, the inverter, and the mounting hardware. If any part of this is not well made and appropriate for your needs, the entire system can be compromised. It is not hard to put together a quality system, but it does require a little bit of all-important know-how. A high quality solar system may be a little more expensive at the time of purchase, but can actually save you money in repairs and replacement parts over time.

1. The Solar Panels

This is the part of the system that actually captures solar energy. The flat, characteristically black panels collect photons of light energy from the sun and turn them into direct current or DC energy. Quality panels are necessary for your system to function, and should be purchased from a reliable company.

A good way to determine if a company is reliable is simply to get on the internet and look it up. Many solar panels are manufactured in China and other international locations, but the parent company should at least have an office in your country. Otherwise, they may not really be interested in your market, could be supplying inferior parts and imagine the headaches associated with posting solar panels back overseas for a warranty claim – who knows when you’ll hear back.... read more

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