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Green Book Club

Green Book Clubs

There has been some discussion of using ‘Green” books like the kindle or using the local library.  I have another perspective and that is the green book club. I think discussion with others is a great way to expand your knowledge of topics.   To help people better understand or to just grow in appreciation for the environment I would suggest a book club.  Instead of discussing the most recent fiction best seller why don’t we concentrate on sharing the knowledge of the world around us with our friends and neighbors and talk about a real life issue?

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Sustainable Fish

Sustainable Fish

So what’s for dinner???

This question is heard countless times a day around the world, and for some the answer is fish.  For most people that answer is sufficient but today more than ever YOU need to ask more questions.  What kind of fish?  Where is it from?  Is it farmed? Is it wild? Is it sustainable?  These are all important questions as the world’s fisheries see constant decreases in their populations and overall fish size.

What kind of fish? This is important because some fish have different names, and suppliers may choose a name that they believe will sell.  As an example the Chilean sea bass is also known as Patagonian toothfish, Antarctic cod and icefish.  Know what you are eating, ask the question, and if there is no answer make another selection.

Where is the fish from?  A very important question that needs to be answered if you are trying to use sustainable fish.  As an example shrimp can be found in many parts of the world.  Shrimp that are harvested in Southeast Asia should be avoided because shrimping in this region can have negative impacts on the environment.  In comparison wild caught shrimp from Oregon, is a better choice because it does not have a negative impact.  Next time you see shrimp for sale at the local food store ask the fish monger, “where are these shrimp from?”  At the restaurant, ask the server “where are these shrimp from?”... read more

Conserving Water By Growing Native Plants

     Water, water, water every_____???  Not anymore. 

In the days of the water restrictions what can people do?  Lawns, plants, pools, car washing, etc., all of these require water usage outside of the daily shower, toilet flushing, brushing teeth and dish cleaning.

All of these could fill a book on how to conserve water and what are the best methods to use the water the most efficiently.  My concern today is plants.  Have you ever taken a look at the plants in your garden?  Have you seen these plants in your local woods, fields or other natural landscape?  I hope so, because if not you could be contributing to water shortages in your town.  ... read more

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