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5 Best Natural Sunblocks

If you are like me then you love the sun and summer, but also worry about sun exposure.  I've been looking far and wide for a daily use sunblock that's good for my skin and has natural ingredients that won't harm the environment.  I'd also like a bit of help in reducing signs of aging... like wrinkles.  In my search, I have discovered that the research on sunblock has changed.  The chemicals in sunblock can be far worse than sun exposure itself.  ... read more

Packing List for the Eco Tourist

It’s summer!  Which means lots of us are making plans for summer travel.  This is a perfect moment to think about packing lists and ecotravel. How can you make your summer travelmore green?  Check out 7 Packing List Items for the Ecotourist:

  1. Reusable waterbottle | Bring your bottle for water - my new favorite is the Bobble because it has its own filter inside the bottle, no matter where I am I can know my water will get an extra boost of filtration since I have my own with me!
    ... read more

What are Certified Organic Cosmetics?

You may have noticed that there is a new trend in makeup and cosmetics - to provide a natural product line option.  The packaging is usually simpler or incorporates green into the label to show that there is something organic about the product.  The bottomline is though, we have yet to see Certified Organic Cosmetics and Makeup because this industry remains highly unregulated.

... read more

Five Common Beauty Product Ingredients to Avoid

You might have heard already and it’s true - beauty products often have some ingredients that you want to avoid putting on your skin.  Growing up I always thought the expensive beauty products were doing something to help my hair and skin.  Now I know that there are quite a few common ingredients that I need to avoid.... read more

What is a paraben? | Parabens in your makeup

Makeup with parabens

I’ve heard this word – paraben - enough times to know that there might be something in my makeup that I don’t want to put on my skin.  To be honest, I have never paid attention to the ingredients in my makeup and I have no idea what parabens are.  I decided to look into this and see what’s the problem with parabens in my makeup.  Here’s what I learned…... read more

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