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SodaStream Soda Maker

Review Summary
Keeness Rating: 
Make your own soda at home!
Greenness Rating: 
No bottles or cans to throw out, makes soda without electricity, and the reusable bottles are BPA free.
The soda maker itself is a little expensive, but it pays for itself if you drink a lot of soda or seltzer.
Overall Rating: 

What better party trick than to turn water into soda within a few minutes? 

First and foremost, the SodaStream soda makers are fun and cool.  The Jet model (which I am reviewing), is super easy to use.  Put in ice cold water, press the top three times to carbonate, add flavor, and shake.  Viola -- soda!

For someone who tends to drink lots of soda or fizzy water, SodaStream is a good investment.  The Jet model starts at about $99.  Flavor prices vary, but most fall around $5, and you can make quite a few bottles of soda with each bottle of flavoring. 

As for the greenness of it, it is by far a greener option than buying lots of bottles and cans of soda.  Their bottles are reusable and BPA free.  The carbonation comes from a recyclable carbon dioxide cannister, not electricity or batteries.  ... read more

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