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baby food


Review Summary
Keeness Rating: 
Tasty! The baby loves it and I even tried it, too!
Greenness Rating: 
Organic food, BPA free packaging with a lower carbon footprint, but it's unclear whether or not the pouches are recyclable
10 for $10 at my local Stop & Shop...can't beat that!
Overall Rating: 

I had noticed the HAPPYBABY Baby Food pouches before, but I didn't realize that they were baby food.  I thought they were juice, because they come in pouches that look a lot like Capri-Sun.  While I am an advocate of making your own baby food, I keep a backup stock of pre-made baby food, especially for travel.   Recently, I was in the organic baby section at my local Stop & Shop, and I gave these HAPPYBABY pouches a closer look.  They were TEN for TEN DOLLARS!  Wow!  I grabbed one of each flavor.... read more

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