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baby wipes

Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Baby Diapers and Wipes

Review Summary
Keeness Rating: 
As effective and absorbent as traditional disposable diapers and the wipes do the trick!
Greenness Rating: 
More eco-friendly than most disposable diapers, but still will not decompose
A little more expensive than non-green options
Overall Rating: 

Seventh Generation Diapers

We put the Seventh Generation Diapers through three tests:... read more

  1. The Pee Test.   To pass this, it just needs to hold a small amount of pee without leaking.  If a diaper can't pass the basic pee test, it's a useless diaper.  The verdict?  Passed.  
  2. The Poop Test.  Can this diaper contain a mass quantity of baby poop?  (In this case, some of the messiest baby poop known to man: blueberry poop.)  Some diapers regularly cause leaks down the leg and up the back.  How did Seventh Generation do?  Passed.  And the wipes did their job as well.  
  3. The Overnight Test.  We cloth diaper most of the time, but we do use disposables overnight because all of our cloth diapers result in a pee-soaked baby in the middle of the night, sadly.  How did Seventh Generation do with this test?  Passed.  

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