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Better for your plumbing than flushable wipes
Greenness Rating: 
Greener than flushable wipes
A little goes a long way!
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bodifreshLots of us, especially those of us with little kids, rely on flushable wet wipes.   When I was potty training my son, I went and bought some flushable wet wipes from CVS, only to find out that they're not so flushable after all.   I learned that wet wipes don't break down the way that toilet paper does.   Not only does it clog toilets, they can also damage plumbing and sewage systems.    Not so good for the environment.

When I found out about Bodifresh, I was excited to find out about a safer, greener option than the not-so-flushable wet wipes.  It comes in a little recyclable pump, which is good for 120 wipes.   They come in a variety of scents.  My son much prefers BodiFresh over wet wipes...I wish I knew about these sooner because this would even work in place of baby wipes!... read more

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