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Simple Green Naturals Carpet Care

Review Summary
Keeness Rating: 
Works well, scent-free
Greenness Rating: 
eco-friendly packaging and ingredients
Reasonably priced
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What's a more perfect way to test out a green carpet cleaner than on cat vomit?  After my cat threw up on the carpet, I immediately grabbed the Simple Green Naturals Carpet Care bottle.  I hadn't used it before, so I thought this would be a good way to put it to the test.

Well, it worked like a charm.  Cleaned it up, left no stain, and that was that!  AND, it has no scent, which made my husband very happy.   No complaints!

Simple Green Natural Carpet Care is water based and doesn't contain chlorine. It contains some plant-based ingredients, including one derived from palm seed kernels and another derived from chicory root.  They have a full ingredient list on the label, which I think is very important because even many green products don't have that, which always makes me question its greenness!  It also has not been tested on animals.  ... read more

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