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cat litter

World's Best Cat Litter

Review Summary
Keeness Rating: 
Keeps odors to a minimum
Greenness Rating: 
Perfume-free, all natural
A little outside of my budget at over $15 for a 17 lb. bag
Overall Rating: 

world's best cat litterworld's best cat litterIf you have cats, you've probably seen the World's Best Cat Litter for sale on Amazon and pet chains like Petco and Petsmart.  You might be thinking "wow, that's quite a claim!"  But, I've gotta say, it's darn good cat litter.

Most notably, it's made of whole corn kernels.  No gross synthetic perfumey scent, no puff of powder when you're pouring it into the box.  It's just good old fashioned corn grown on American farms.  And because it's made of corn, it's safe for animals, unlike many types of clay litters.... read more

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