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Broody Chick Sniffs & Snuffles

Review Summary
Keeness Rating: 
A green alternative to Vicks Vaporub
Greenness Rating: 
All natural ingredients such as eucalyptus and beeswax
Not much more expensive than Vicks
Overall Rating: 

Broody Chick's Sniffs and Snuffles is Mother Nature's answer to Vicks Vaporub.  I admit -- as toxic as it is, I was a Vicks Vaporub junkie.  Whenever I had a cold, I'd be slathering that stuff on like there was no tomorrow.  However, after trying Sniffs and Snuffles, I think I might just be a convert.  

Over the last week, our house has been a sniffly, sneezy, mucousy, gross MESS.  I'm sick, my 13 month-old is sick, and my husband is sick.  The best part about Sniffs and Snuffles is that I can use it on the kiddo.  ... read more

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