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Chipkos Sandals

Review Summary
Keeness Rating: 
Comfy flip-flops, but they took some breaking in
Greenness Rating: 
Totally eco-friendly!
A great price for eco-friendly footwear
Overall Rating: 

I'm a big fan of Chipkos and their awesome, eco-friendly sandals.   Chipkos Footwear is an eco-friendly footwear company that protects one hundred square feet of the rain forest per product purchased. Chipkos is most well known for their Chipkos Original Sandals available for men and women.

I first came across Chipkos back in April and I was immediately drawn to the unique look of their sandals, the green materials that they use, and their dedication to saving the rainforest.  Now, I am excited to finally being reviewing the sandals!... read more

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