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Upcycled Décor

Today we have a great post by the folks over at Erie Construction.  Here are some fun upcycling ideas!


Looking to decorate on a dime? Or perhaps you’d like to help out the Earth by being a little more green? Good news! You can do both of these things easily with upcycled home décor. Using materials you already have, some creativity, and a bit of elbow grease, you can make beautiful items to decorate your home with. Take a look at some of these quick and easy projects using upcycled and repurposed items from around the home.

Using Jewelry

Once you lose an earring, you might as well throw the other away right? Wrong! You can use lonely jewelry and older jewelry that you don’t wear anymore for upcycling projects. Give these pieces a second chance by re-crafting it into something you can appreciate. Try recycling big pieces like broaches and watches into glamorous refrigerator magnets or Christmas ornaments. Smaller pieces can be adhered to photo frames, coasters, or anything else that could benefit from a little bit of shine.... read more

Help Hell&Lula's Bus Run on Veggie Oil!

Hell&LulaHell&LulaIndie/electro band Hell&Lula not only makes awesomely danceable music; they care deeply about the environment, too.  They are currently running a PledgeMusic campaign to help their Cool Bus, a converted school bus, run on waste vegetable oil (WVO) from restaurants.  Check out their PledgeMusic page to donate some money and get cool stuff while you're at it!  ... read more

The Green Empire State Building

Growing up outside of New York City, my sister and I used to always talk about things being "as tall as the Empire State Building."  Nowadays, we can also ask:  "Is this as green as the Empire State Building?"  The Empire State Building recently got a green makeover, and you may be surprised and impressed by how green it has become.  While things were seldom as tall as the Empire State Building, we can strive to be as green.  

empire state building gone green

Here are 10 quick facts about the eco-friendly upgrades --... read more

More To Those Bags Than Meets the Eye

As I've been doing my Christmas shopping this year, running from store to store looking for the perfect gift for people (yes I know it's early -- I like doing it early so I have time to change my mind!), I've been thinking about reusable bags.  When home in DC, I swear by them and take them everywhere with me.  Doing Black Friday shopping in my small hometown in Pennsylvania, the thought never crossed my mind.  

So this got me thinking: are reusable bags more than just a simple way to 'go green'? Have they morphed into some kind of urban elitist thing or a status symbol of some kind?... read more

Scottish scientists develop biofuel from whisky

Bottoms up!

According to researchers in Edinburgh, byproducts from the whisky distilling process could be used to fuel cars -- and maybe even planes!  This fuel could even be available at gas stations in Scotland within a few years.  ... read more

College students get around thanks to... french fries?

If you really take a second to think about how many college communities there are across the country, chances are, your estimate will probably be lower than actuality. FYI- there are just under 5,000 higher education institutions around the US. Now, consider all of the students on each campus, whether they are commuting or living at school. A "small" school may hold somewhere around 4,000 students, and larger schools can hold students more than 15 times that amount. Think about all of the energy that is wasted through transportation at these schools, whether large or small. A majority of college students have cars, in addition, many colleges provide shuttle-like transportation to get around with less hassle.... read more

That Building Is Made of WHAT?

Earth911 gives us this astonishing fact: Americans buy 29.8 billion water bottles each year, and 80% of these end up in a landfill. Even more astonishingly, 80% of Americans have easy access to recycling programs, either through curbside pick up or community drop off bins, but choose to toss plastic bottles into the trash anyway.... read more

Green Company Profile: To-Go Ware

To-Go Ware

Why Its Keen:

Kelly Farkas of To-Go Ware introduces the company well:

"To-Go Ware provides reusable, non-plastic eating ware, including bamboo utensils, stainless steel food carriers and handcrafted accessories from communities abroad. Giving people some great options to reduce their forkprint while on-the-go. Our mission is to make available innovative products that provide a solution, tell a great story, and are enjoyable to use."


... read more

Universal Studios - Green Seal Award

Universal Studios, HollywoodUniversal Studios, Hollywood

Universal Studios in Hollywood was recently honored with the EMA Environmental Media Association (EMA) Green Seal Award. The award is the first-ever given to a theme park for its commitment and effort in working towards a more environmentally conscious workplace and community.

I recently toured the theme park to witness their ‘greening’ efforts as a casual visitor.... read more

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