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Top 4 Most Innovative Green Car Advancements

Green automotive technology is the future. With hybrid and electric optimized vehicles, consumers can get more bang for their buck. The biggest boon is that dependency on gas is lowered, and thanks to steadily climbing gas prices, green cars pay for themselves. It makes plenty of sense that consumers are demanding better fuel economy from their vehicles.

Ford EcoBoost

Companies like Toyota, Elon Musk, Chrysler, Honda and others have responded. For example, Ford has produced an EcoBoost engine family and they're being used in various models. Of particular note is the 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost, amped up with about 310 horsepower. That's not too shabby for a green tech car.... read more

What the Ford Mustang Eco Boost Means for the Environment

Eco Boost Engine

Eco enthusiasts rejoice! With awareness about global warming issues and the necessity of protecting our planet being higher than ever, big car manufacturers are starting to take notice. For no company is this truer, in fact, than one of the biggest names in the American automotive world: Ford.

We Can’t Wait for Laws to Pass

If we want to make a difference and slow down our negative impact on the environment, we need to wake up. We can’t wait any longer for laws forcing us to be kind to the world we live in. If we do, the reality is that it will be far too little, far too late.... read more

Greenify Your Commute: Even a Little Bit Helps


Americans, on average, spend 25.5 minutes on their way to work according to the US Census Bureau. That's only one way. Which means most of us are spending nearly an hour a day traveling to and from work. 10.8 million Americans travel an hour each way. For 600,000 unfortunate souls, called mega-commuters, an average commute is at least 50 miles and 90 minutes one way.

Spending that much time in the car each day isn't very green. Using all of that gas, running air conditioning, idling in traffic — none of it is good for you or the environment. How much can you make your commute greener?

Choose the Right Route

How often do you feel like you're stuck in gridlock traffic?

Gridlock is bad for your mental health and productivity — that much is obvious. Traffic congestion has also been quantifiably tied to negative health effects. Scientists at Harvard's School of Public Health reported in 2011 that more than 2,200 premature deaths are annually caused by air pollution from traffic congestion.... read more

Fun Fact Friday - Mr. Rogers and an Electric Car

A few years ago, I used to write a weekly post profiling a Keen and Green celebrity every Friday.  It was a fun series to do, but ultimately I ran out of celebrities to cover.  I started to miss having a Friday series to close the week, so today I am starting "Fun Fact Friday."  I'm going to dig up some trivia, interesting information, or a tidbit from history - all related to the environment! - to share with you every Friday.  Enjoy!

Today's fun fact is that Mister Rogers did a number of episodes with a focus on the environment.  Now I want to share this video of Mister Rogers learning about electric cars.  As a kid of the 80s, I watched a lot of PBS and my first exposure to the electric car was from this episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.    ... read more

Harley Davidson releasing electric motorbike

Harley-Davidson electric bikeHarley Davidson is one of the most well-known and well established brands in the motorbike industry. From the XL Sportster to the Fatboy, Harley Davidson has produced some of the most iconic vehicles in the world. However, their latest venture may come as a surprise. The Wisconsin-based company, in a rather bold move, has announced Project LiveWire, its very first electric motorbike. 

In 2013 there was an enormous upswing in electric car sales and this trend seems likely to continue. Overall sales of electric cars are thought to rise to 2.7 million by the year 2018. Harley Davidson are putting their money in the right place if they want to continue to develop as a brand.... read more

Drive More Efficiently

eco-friendly drivingDriving a fuel efficient car, such as a hybrid, is a step towards lowering your carbon footprint.  But you can take it even a step further by driving your car more efficiently.  You'll save money on gas and cut down on contributions to climate change.

Drive Smart

Aggressive driving, such as speeding, quick acceleration, sudden braking, can lower your gas mileage by 33% on the highway and by 5% in the city.  Don't speed, either.  Gas mileage starts to decrease at speeds above 50 MPH.  These tips will keep you safter, too!  

Cruise control is another way to help reduce gas usage.  ... read more

2014 Most Fuel Efficient Cars

Are you planning on car shopping soon? is a great resource for finding a fuel efficient car.   There are lots of options for fuel efficient cars nowadays, between electric cars, hybrids, or small compact cars like a Toyota Yaris or Honda Fit.  

A car with good gas mileage is not only more cost efficient, but it's also much better for the environment.  Highway vehicles release about 1.5 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases (GHGs) into the atmosphere each year, primarily in the form of carbon dioxide.  This is a major contributor to climate change.

Here are the most fuel efficient cars of 2014, excluding electric cars:... read more

Using Hemp as an Alternative Fuel

Although the majority of eco-friendly car headlines relate to the advances in hybrid and electric battery technology, there are many other alternatives to petrol out there. Alternative biofuels can be created out of cooking oil, algae, and liquefied petroleum to reduce carbon emissions and improve efficiency. Another type of plant that can be used to fuel cars is hemp. This humble plant can be used to create paper, clothing, and food, but it's often overlooked as an alternative fuel source. Yet there are signs that hemp is on the rise as a potential alternative fuel. Canada has given the go-ahead to fund research into hemp oil, while university studies have shown that it could be a viable alternative to petrol.

hemp as fuel 

Hemp's Eco-Friendly Qualities

Some of the concerns that have been put forth related to biodiesel or biofuel include the fact that crops such as palm and corn oil can put strain on the environment, somewhat defeating the purpose. Unlike olives, peanuts, or rapeseed, hemp doesn't need to use up high-quality land that could be used for food instead. Hemp can grow without clearing land, and is able to flourish in a variety of climates. It's a hardy plant that leaves the ground in a better condition than when it was planted, which makes it unique among biofuel sources. Hemp can be grown without a great deal of water, fertilizer, or other input, and the plant is used in many parts of Europe and Asia for the fibrous stalks. Yet the oily seeds are often discarded as a waste by-product. These could instead be used for fuel, while still producing fibres used in other products.... read more

Ode to the Trashman

I’ll be honest I came up with this blog after reading an article in a waste hauling/management magazine by an old time trucker/trashman. The article touched on the loss of respect for today’s trashmen and waste haulers.

garbage truckThe modern trashman or garbageman doesn’t receive the respect he or she deserves (yes there are a good number of women working in the waste and recycling fields, but that’s for another blog) for the services they provide. These positions aren’t considered the most well respected jobs. These are dirty, labor intensive and unforgiving jobs. Many times considered a dirty job provided by the uneducated.

Most people may not realize that these jobs can pay very well. In NYC some garbagemen are making six figures. The jobs are well paying many times and unionized, but the workers earn their pay. Trash hauling is big a money business. People and companies are willing to pay whatever it takes for their trash to disappear. For the most part the waste hauling business is controlled by a handful of large national corporations.

The line of work is dangerous and dirty. These workers have to deal with our waste and heavy machinery. They have to handle what we discard. Ranging from food waste to dirty diapers. Often times even hazardous and deadly materials. When a work grabs a barrel to dump he has no idea what could be inside.... read more

Are Hybrids Really More Efficient?

Are Hybrids Really More Efficient?The Toyota Prius was initially released in Australia in 2001, and rising fuel costs over the past decade have led to a growth in the market demand for electric cars. Today's consumers can now choose from options like the Nissan Leaf and Honda Jazz hybrid, with an even greater range available outside Australia. Motorists can choose from fully electric, hybrid, plug-in, and super fuel economy cars in a bid to save fuel and reduce carbon emissions. However, do the savings really justify the high sticker price of hybrids?  For those interested in saving both emissions and money at the pump, do the numbers add up, it’s time to really do your research on motoring sites.

Environmental Efficiency

One of the primary reasons why consumers are interested in hybrid vehicles is to reduce their impact on the environment. On a basic level, hybrids are green-friendly because they significantly reduce carbon emissions in comparison to conventionally powered cars. The reduction in hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide can be as high as 90% with the most efficient models. Hybrids also reduce greenhouse gasses by at least 25% in most cases. When reading car reviews, this is one area to look closely at to choose the most efficient hybrid or electric vehicle.... read more

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