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Attention parents: environmental education - When to start?

You may ask yourself ‘When should I start planning my green calling?’

What about your child's?

It’s not too early to plan a Green career path, even in high school!

Parents and teens, you may want to explore a Green academy on the Peninsula, in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Woodside High School in Woodside, CA, a public high school in the Sequoia Union High School District, is planning to launch a new Green and Clean program in a new building on its campus.The Green Academy, a state initiative, will focus on green careers, particularly in alternative energy, water conservation, landscaping, and building.

The Green Academy is geared to high school students in the district who want to go to college and need a head start and/or to those who prefer to join the workforce. There will be many opportunities for hands-on learning, including outdoor projects and trips. The new building will be “self-sufficient” and environmentally-conscience demonstration. The program will offer personalized instruction in smaller groups.... read more

Solar events in the San Francisco Bay Area

Upcoming SOLAR events in the San Francisco Bay Area - Week of October 19 - 24, 2009

Tapping into solar energy has many benefits: reduced burning of fossil fuels, independence from foreign energy producers, a lower electricity and gas usage bill -- and helping protect the planet's climate! ... read more

Clean Tech applications: Ride share and carpooling

Remember how hitchhiking was an accepted mode of transit in America years ago? Well, now we have ride sharing. With approximately ¾ of commuters driving alone to work in the U.S. every weekday, alternative transportation modes bring many benefits.

Photo by dreamstime.comPhoto by

Ride sharing is a simple way to save money, reduce one’s carbon footprint, provide opportunities to network and expand one’s contacts, reduce driving stress, as well as pleasant. Find friends, neighbors, and co-workers who are traveling the same way you are – for school, work, events or leisure – and share a ride.

There are several variations of sharing transit: carpooling, where pool members use their own private cars. Ride-share also refers to members jointly share the costs of a rented car; or sharing a ride in a hired vehicle with a hired driver, like a shared taxi, shuttle, vanpools, etc.... read more

Ted Turner on Sustainable Energy in Business

Clean Skies News recently did a great interview with Ted Turner.  Ted Turner, Chairman of Turner Enterprises and a speaker at today's National Energy Summit, talks with Clean Skies News about the economic costs of sustainable energy and upcoming energy legislation.


Do electric cars really help the environment? Are they 'green'?

Are hybrid and electric vehicles batteries a Green alternative or add hazardous chemicals to our landfills?

Visiting the West-Coast Green conference in San Francisco this past week confirmed the feel-good and coolness of electric vehicles. Photo from Photo from hybridcars.comPhoto from Photo from

I would definitely be a happy camper if I win the electric bike or electric tricycle raffle!... read more

Is McDonald's Going Green?

Many of you probably read Newsweek's story about the greenest big companies in America.   Some of the listings on there really surprised me.  The biggest one that surprised me was McDonald's and its ranking of #22.  In the magazine's green rankings, they don't go into great detail about what the companies are doing to go green, but I was in such shock to see McDonald's have such a high ranking that I had to look into this for myself.

As it turns out, McDonald's is making some solid efforts to go green. ... read more

What is 'green' software design? What is Open Source development?

What does green have to do with software developers and software engineers?

How can the Information Technology (IT) industry improve its green credentials?         

Devising high performance computing, i.e. developing ‘smarter’ software to exploit parallel, multiprocessor architectures will inevitably mean more efficient use of hardware resources and better coding techniques.

Another major aspect of green software is sustainable software development and the use of Open Source methodologies.

... read more

Green Painting in Menlo Park, California and the Greater Peninsula

Is that house in need of a new paint job following the sun drenched summer or do you need that new interior look to "wow" a visiting sister?  If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and are concerned about the environmental impact of your painting, I believe I have the right company for you.  Avi Decorative Painting, Inc., founded by Avi Lechner, is a painting company focused on sustainable and low-impact painting practices.  Continue reading to find out how this business was started and why it is Keen for Green. 

1. Why, how, and when did your business come about?

The family-owned, Menlo Park based, Avi Decorative Painting Inc., has been in business for over 23 years, providing a broad range of painting and home improvement services, repaint, new construction, and historical restorations. Range of services include Interior and Exterior, Venetian Plaster, Cabinets, Paper Hanging, and Faux Finishes. 

... read more

About Keen For Green

KeenForGreen (K4G) is a community-based green living/ cleantech communication hub for those interested in issues of environmental sustainability.  Our mission is to bring information related to the environmental sustainability movement into community discussions through grassroots social media. K4G provides a place to:... read more

Go Green Giveaway at

AccessoryGeeks, a California-based company that sells electronics accessories, is involved in a Go Green Campaign.   Currently, they have a giveaway in place, where people send pictures or videos of themselves doing something green.  You can win all sorts of really great accessories, from Bluetooth headsets to iPhone cases.

... read more

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