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Trader Joe's Fruit and Vegetable Packaging: I've got a bone to pick!

I love Trader Joe's.   I love their cereals, I love their cheeses, I love the shampoo, I love their friendly cashiers, and I love their prices.  But one thing I don't like is their produce.  With the exception of bananas, I try to avoid buying produce there.  Their prices aren't great when it comes to produce, and I find that their quality is hit or miss.  Don't even get me started on the disappointing strawberries I recently purchased and ultimately fed to Karl, our pet iguana.

But the worst part is the over packaging.  You want to buy pears?  Well, your only choice is to buy a pack of four.  And they're shrink-wrapped.  And they're sitting on a little Styrofoam plate.  And one of them looks bruised.... read more

Green Restaurant Spotlight: Dorado Tacos & Cemitas, Brookline, MA

Dorado Tacos and Cemitas.Yesterday, my husband and I were walking around Coolidge Corner in Brookline (outside of Boston) trying to find a place to grab an inexpensive and quick lunch.  We noticed a place we hadn't noticed before, called Dorado Tacos and Cemitas. The menu consisted mostly of cemitas and tacos, including fish tacos, and everything was really inexpensive.  The tacos were all under $3, and for $5.99 you can get two tacos, rice, beans, and jalapenos.

While we waited for our order, I noticed a sign that said:  "WAYS WE'RE BEING GREEN."  When I read the list of how they're being green, I was immediately impressed. They blow a lot of other green restaurants out of the water with their eco-friendly practices!

... read more

Green Toilets: Clivus Waterless Composting Toilets at Walden Pond

In a recent trip to the beautiful Walden Pond, I was using the restroom facility and saw this sign:

Green Toliets

Click to enlarge.

What it says is:

The self-contained waterless toilets in this facility are saving thousands of gallons of water each year and produce no sewage to contaminate the environment.  

"This recycling system uses natural biological decomposition to convert toilet waste into water vapor, carbon dioxide, and a small amount of compost that is biologically stable, odor-free, and similar to topsoil.

I hadn't seen toilets like these before, so I immediately went to the manufacturer's website to get the scoop.... read more

Compostable Corn Cups

Last fall, I went to Boloco to chow down on a burrito.  For those of you who haven't heard of Boloco, they're a burrito place in Greater Boston that uses things like naturally raised meat, organic tofu, etc.  The food is yummy and I feel good about supporting them!  Their bowls are made of bamboo and their cups are made of corn and supposedly compostable.  ... read more

1BOG: Collective Sun Power

Earth2Tech just did a great review of a surprisingly simple, but original initiative surrounding solar installation. The initiative is called 1BOG and hopes to use the power of community bargaining to bring down the price of residential solar. This initiative, cooked in that communal hot bed of San Francisco, is taking collective bargaining from the union hall to a neighbor near you.... read more

Green Articles from Best Buy , South Korea and Veterans' Green Job Training

Morning and I hope you all had a great holiday weekend.  It was a blast for me as friends and family came to see the new addition to the family.  She was quite well behaved (even being quiet through her first mass).  Very exciting.  I know you don't come to the site solely for news concerning my family so let me present, without further ado, the latest and greatest clean technology and sustainability news being produced across traditional news outlets.

Best Buy Electric Bikes

Best Buy to Sell Green Vehicles: Miguel Bustillo & Nick Wingfield of the Wall Street Journal are reporting on the sale of green vehicles at one of the largest electronics vendors in the country: Best Buy. The store will sell electric scooters, bicycles and Segways at 19 locations on a trial basis. The most important vehicle is the Enertia, a $11,995 electric scooter able to travel 45 miles at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour and plugs into a standard wall outlet. I highlight this product not just because of it's large price during a recession or applicability to most people's lives but to show that we scooped the Journal!! reported on the sale of the bikes in Best Buy in this earlier post on May 29, 2009.

South Korea Green

South Korea to spend $85 billion on green industries: On Monday a statement was released by the President's office in South Korea that the Asian tiger economy will invest 107 trillion won ($84.5 billion), or 2 percent of its annual GDP, in environment-related industries over the next five years. Reuters reported on this aggressive campaign by the government (which is without any explanation on where the funds will come from). Part of this huge investment includes the $19.4 billion over the next year on creating "star brands" in key new growth sectors, previously reported on by

Green Pizza Box

Green Box Offers Alternative to Traditional Pizza Box: The Miami Herald wrote a wonderfully light piece on the new 'green' pizza box that is being used in Florida. The box, properly titled the “green box,” is made out of 100% recycled materials. I did additional searching and found the manufacturer's, Eco-incorporated, web page so readers can go and find out more about this fun product.


A Green Car Nation: Philadelphia Inquirer provided a great overview of the new Cash for Clunkers program being initiated by the federal government in the site's. The piece done by staff writer Jeff Gelles not only gives some background information but answer's questions such as which cars qualify, what one has to do to qualify, does an SUV or minivan qualify and if the program will truly help the environment. Nicely researched and well written.

Veterans' Green Job Training

Labor Department Grants $7.5M for Veterans' Green Job Training: Sustainable Business is reporting on a federal program that seeks to aid veterans enter into the new green workforce. The program will give 17 grants, totaling more than $7.5 million dollars, to provide approximately 3,000 veterans with green job training. Organizations receiving funds are in California, Texas, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Arizona. Here is hoping that these funds help vets find truly worthwhile jobs in this economy.... read more

In-Depth Look - Future of Renewable Energy

Bloomberg has provided a financial view on the future of renewable energy sector.  Great chatter about government mandates and the possible upshoot for companies upgrading and expanding the energy grid.


Green Landscaping Solutions For The Bay Area: CK Management Systems

For years now there existed a disconnect between the nature present inpeople's front yards with the synthetic and wasteful gardening used tokeep these areas green. For example, most fertilizers or growthadditives used in suburban, urban and rural settings are synthetic withhigh amounts of salt, nitrogen & phosphate. These toxic growthadditives create an immediate but very short growth in the plantsapplied to, but stunt the roots of the plants. This prevents theseplants from fully absorbing underground saturation and maintaining... read more

Eight Tips For a Green Workplace

Most of us work.  Many of us are concerned about the environment and sustainability.  But sometimes these two parts of our life never meet.  We feel that we may be 'green' in our personal life, but we have to follow company policy or etiquette in the work place.  Who wants to be the Environmentalist Nazi at the workplace, anyways?

Well, I just don't accept this to be true and I believe many of you agree with me.  To create a sustainable world we cannot cut out the largest portion of our day and focus on the remainder.  No, let's make a stand for green at out cubicle in such a way that we can bring others into the movement through our example.  So, here are eight simple ways that you can make a difference in the workplace and prove to be an example, not a preacher, of green business living.... read more

Cap and Trade: What is It?

... read more

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