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The Future of Green: Dr. Peter Dixon on Energy & Carbon Emissions

Green technologies presentation at UBS Wolfsberg by Futurist keynote conference speaker Patrick Dixon. How innovation will reduce energy use and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.... read more


Google Goes Carbon Neutral


Google Carbon Neutral

Carbon neutrality is a formidable goal for any company, especially since most companies are in the process of selling manufactured goods.  It makes sense then that a non-traditional company based on selling information would take the lead in the corporate fight of global warming.  This company is of course Google and as of last Wednesday is carbon neutral.  This is of course according to Google themselves.  Let's then take a closer look on the process and results of Google's effort to usher in an era of corporate environmental responsibility.... read more

Keen for Green Quick Hits- Bio Fuel Regulation ,Conneticut Green & Green Schools

Welcome to the inagural edition of the Keen for Green Quick Hits, a new regular feature providing links to articles across the internet.  Read the articles below and comment.  We would love to hear what you think.

New biofuel rules expected to hamper fledgling green industry: By a 3-1 vote, the California State Water Resources Control Board said that gas stations, fleet yards and others who distribute the increasingly popular "green" fuel can only store biodiesel blends of up to 20 percent in underground tanks, even if the tanks are double-walled. This could limit the possible adoption of this new technology.

Connecticut considers 'green cleaning' in schools: A coalition of health advocacy groups is asking lawmakers to join New York in requiring all public schools in the state to use environmentally friendly cleaning products. A bill awaiting action in the Connecticut House of Representatives would bar school districts from using products that contain various toxic substances.

Lawrence Offering 'Green' Burials: Lawrence has become the first city in the nation to offer "green" burials in one of its municipal cemeteries.  A section of the city's Oak Hill Cemetery has been set aside for such burials, which forbids the embalming of the deceased, and requires the body to be buried in a biodegradable container.... read more

Financing the Green Revolution

Bloomberg Television recently produced an interesting segment regarding the financing of green technology in the current fiscal crisis.  The segment was an interview with Jon Wellinghoff, Acting Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee.  Wellinghoff stated that currently renewable projects in the pipeline are not seeing any marked reduction in sources of financial backing.


Green Regulation?

Thomas Friedman, Green Regulation, Cap and Trade, Tom Friedman

This past Monday, Tom Friedman proposed the need for regulation of the emerging green technology sector to foster growth. Friedman, a noted New York Times columnist, believes that the next great industrial revolution is upon us and that revolution is in renewable energies. This sector though is widely unregulated according to Friedman and guidance from Washington must come quickly.... read more

President Obama's Prime Time News Confrence

President Obama addressed the nation last night in a prime-time news conference. In this conference the President tried to rally support for his $3.8 billion proposed budget.  This budget would focus on three issues, one being investment in green and renewable technologies.


President Obama Continues Support For Green Technology

President Obama, Green Technology, Green Obama

This past Monday saw President Obama reaffirm his commitment to green technology research and development. At a meeting in the White House, President Obama delivered remarks specifically addressing the nation's investment in clean energy and renewable technologies.  This meeting was attended by 120 researchers, lab directors, and CEOs from energy technology companies across the nation.... read more

Easy Bloom- Greening Your Garden

Easy Bloom

EasyBloom is using green technology and information management to improve people's gardens. This small company created a device to monitor temperature, soil composite and other information to aid in the gardening care.... read more


AT&T Switching to Renewable Vehicles

AT&T recently announced a new initiative to create a fleet of new vehicles powered by alternative fuels.  The goal of AT&T is to add 15,000 new vehicles powered by hydrogen, electricity and natural gas over the next ten years.  The project is estimated to cost the large telecommunications company approximately $565 million.... read more


IBM Charting a Path for Galway Bay

Marine Institute of Ireland

For the past ten years, IBM has been joining with venture capitalist in an effort to provide solutions to large socio-economic problems utilizing a computer construct approach.  This approach centers on the use of analytics and information technology in creating quicker and more efficient systems to manage complex tasks.  These new solutions health care or the environment are branded "smart planet" by IBM.

The first major success of IBM in their "smart planet" endeavor is Galway "smart" bay in Ireland. The pilot system in place in Galway uses numerous sensors to track a huge range of changes in the bay, including pollution, fish stock levels and any possible threats to the environment.  The system even monitors the amount of green energy generated by the bay.... read more

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